About Metro News

Metro News is a multi-faceted marketer of information, entertainment and education products.   Over its 100 year history, Metro has expanded its product scope to include magazines, books, newspapers, reference guides, audio and video media.

Metro compliments its products with an expansive service matrix including wholesale distribution, sales and marketing services, retail merchandising and auditing, data management, national distribution, logistics, publishing, and retail display fixture design and manufacturing.   Its broad range of customers includes retailers, packaged goods manufacturers, publishers, libraries and consumers.

Metro News and its affiliates are structured as stand alone entities that operate independently and compete collectively.   This enables Metro to execute with the agility of a small company while providing the service breadth of a multi-national.

Metro News owes its remarkable reputation to the incredible service that it provides each and every day.

Metro News is a privately held company with its head office in Toronto and serving Ontario, Quebec, the three Prairie Provinces and the East Kootenays in British Columbia.